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Now, we joined WPC! And we cooperate with our partner for producing the module, please contact "Smart Power Tec" for more information.


In a lot of solutions, we are the Design Third Party to help customers since 2007. Worked with global & local companies like TI, AVNET, RICHTEK, WT, ITRI, Art. Lebedev Studio, ..., etc.


Based on DSP and MCU platform, we are the expert and it is our advantage to make products for customers. Our core of the technology are firmware,


  1. ARM 7,9
  2. Altera: FPGA, CPLD
  3. Cypress: PSOC 8 bits MCU, USB series, Wireless USB series
  4. Sonix: 8 bits MCU
  5. TI: 8 bits MCU, DSP
  6. Microchip: 8 bits MCU, DSP
  7. Silicon Lab: 8 bits MCU
  8. HOLTEK: 8 bits MCU
Coding with Assembly and C language



  1. Web base AP
  2. WinCE AP and Driver
  3. Linux AP and Driver
  4. Windows AP and Driver
Software Tools
  • GNU Tools (C, C++)
  • Visual Studio (VB, C#)
  • NetBeans (Java, PHP, HTML5,...)
  • DB (MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB)
  • Others

and hardware


  1. Digital Circuit
  2. Analog Circuit
  3. Power Solution
  4. RF Solution
  5. PCB Layout



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